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alternative investments for wealth investors

A boutique investment firm that focuses on enabling access to high-quality private markets and alternative investments with varied asset classes.

Bridge provides a unique institutional investment environment and community for Ultra-High-Net-Worth investors.

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Who Are We?

A leading firm with a unique alternative offering, which includes an experienced  and objective team.

We serve a wide-range of High-Net-Worth individuals, Israel's leading family offices, and investment advisors regarding matters related to private market solutions in a wide array of investment vehicles, covering all asset classes and risk profiles.

We are backed by leading professionals and an investment committee from the broader private market ecosystem.

The Goal

Bridge was founded with the aim of making high-quality alternative investments accessible to wealth advisors and High-Net-Worth investors. We strive to enable fund managers to reach new sources of capital, foster investor relations, and connect with respected local partners.

Alternative Portfolio

Build your own alternative portfolio with exclusive opportunities, aided by a professional team and researchers.

Efficiency & Integrity 

The most effective and ethical way to explore the private market, without any hidden agenda.

For Wealth Advisors 

Engage your clients with a diversified solution offering access to unique investment opportunities in private markets.


Our Investment Strategies

Investment Strategy

Join our high-quality investment funnel with strong due diligence capabilities and a dedicated investment committee. Our services include research, terms negotiations, and ongoing support.

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Alignment of interests

All opportunities we offer originate from our family office investment pool.
We recommend an investment only if it is suitable for our clients (and not just beneficial for a broker’s success fee structure).  

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Research and positioning

Strong due dilligence capabilities with a high-quality investment funnel and an experienced investment team and committee.

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Economy of scale

Access to deals with better
negotiation terms and smaller ticket sizes.

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Unique and exclusive alternative investments

Top-Tier funds and talented emerging managers to which individual investors have limited or ineffecient access.


Our Partners

Funds issued by ARES management  

We Take Pride in Our Unique Approach

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One-stop shop

For private market investing –
Co-invest with us

Unique co-investment opportunities and support with their related research, due diligence, and administration processes.

Leverage existing networks, positions in the ecosystem, and investment processes.

Invest in research, increase access to deals, and take advantage of our legal framework and SPV structuring services.

LPs’ view – A unique offering ensuring alignment of interests
  • Bridge Capital is an independent and mostly employee-owned firm.

  • Structured to ensure our clients-come-first model endures over the long term.

  • Fostering an alignment of interests in manager selection and fee negotiations.

  • Serving as an objective institutional partner for our clients, putting their interests first.

GPs’ view 
  • Professional and creative financial solutions.

  • Tailor-made deals / JVs with respected local partners.

  • First closing with in-house clients.
    Second closing with "co-investors".

  • Simplified fundraising process and facilitation of investor relations.

  • Streamlined due diligence process via the platform (access is granted ad-hoc to third parties).

Our Unique Solution

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Invest Smartly

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Family Office_Based_2x.png

Family Office Based

Alignment _Of Interests_2x.png

Alignment of Interests

Exclusive Private_Market Deal Flow_2x.png

Exclusive Private Market Deal Flow

Cost Efficiency_2x.png

Cost Efficient

Quality Professional_Relationship_2x.png

Professional Approach


Meet The Founders

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Liran Weissman

Liran Weissman

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Eran Barak

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Alternative Portfolio?

Our team of investment professionals have years of rich and diverse experience in global investment, asset management, and risk control.

We have a vast network of close connections with the biggest, most successful financial institutions and are highly familiar and connected with the local private and institutional High-Net-Worth market.


It's important to understand our firm's DNA.  We do not regularly engage in investment marketing. We only do this when we identify talented managers in a quality niche, to whom other companies have limited exposure or access.

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